Exhibition november 2012

I had an exhibition in Downey, LA where I went to High School in 75-76.

It was so much fun to be back and show what I have been doing.

I had oilpaintings, watercolour, photos and of course my ceramics with me. I took everthing by my self on the plain to LA.

I stayed for a week with my very good friends Ed and Jennifer Todd. They helped alot, so my things could hang there, the hole month.

There were 2 more artist who shared the space with me.

Stina framför en del av mina alster.

My sister-in-law in front of some of my fotos and ceramics.

Ed Todd in front of my paintings.

My exihibition in Downey, LA

Some of my fotos and ceramics.

Skärgården, olja, 2012

Norrsken, olja 2012

Musicians at my exhibition in Downey, LA, USA

november 2012

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